Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The race seems to have started. Today was time to pack most of my computer stuff. I have to say "see you later" to my flat screen, and my old good friend G3 (grape color).
Even though I still have my powerbook; which I will be carrying with me during the trip, saying goodbye to my computer is a clear proof that I am definitely moving.

My desk and all the things that live within it are what I call my altar. Pens and papers, my Spawn-figures' collection, Frank Miller's "MARV" sitting on his electric chair chuckling: "It's that all you can get, you pansies?" while shakes with a new electric shock I deliver him. {by the way do not miss the new movie from Robert Rodriguez: SIN CITY, based on the comics collection from Frank Miller/. All those useless nick nacs that seemed to appear magically from nowhere and that I start collecting.

I have to confess how hard it has been to be a Mac user in Spain, or maybe I just got to work with some people too defensive of their PCs. It seems the use of Apple is not as extended in Spain as it is in USA. If graphic designers for print seem to be the ones carrying the flag, the world of the design on line it's been majorly dominated by PC users.
So I had to get used not only to hear continuous crap about how bad is Mac compare to PC, but to work with windows XP.

I've always been a Mac user. I love these babes, it is not rational anymore, it is something visceral. I am not close to be an expert, not even a good knowledgeable man in the world of personal computers to been able to give scientific comparisons or reasons to justify why I love so much my Apple. But again, who needs to find a reason to justify why they love their girlfriends, or wives or pets; whatever you love.
Ey, ey, ey, of course I am not comparing the love I have to my wife to what I feel for my computer, I am just trying to prove my point.

Anyway, finding Apple support in Spain has been a pain in the neck, so I am glad I will have a couple of Apple-stores close by and I will be able to enjoy my weekly visits to my favorite store, to drool over the new design of the coming G5 and know for a few minutes I am not alone in this crazy feeling some people call APPLE-LOVE.


Blogger Nigga der Bronx said...

I think that you need a new PC and a pipaso el viernes...

soasin sosio
que te abusco la ruina

12:35 AM  
Blogger el macho said...

you know about...
don´t try to be a hype guy with this mac lover shit.

Pc Rulez, pipaso rules!!

4:34 AM  
Blogger Enjoyourightbutton said...

Bla, bla, bla ....

And why don´t you tell us about the right button, the free music and tones of sw? Pcs Vs Mac: The garage revenge!

Spend a minute thinking about the jamaican bongo havana club pipasso festival. Bolinche ;-)

6:58 AM  

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