Sunday, February 13, 2005

Back in California

Sorry about the delay, but you may understand I have been quite busy with the move.
I am finally back in Orange County,California. For the past two weeks, we had to find apartment, fill it with furniture and organize the stuff we brought from Spain. It has been a challenging time for the all family, but we finally have made it.

It feels as if it was just yesterday than we left for Spain. Now our year in Europe is becoming kind of a dream, something we surely enjoyed but that starts seeming a bit unreal. It may be we have found an apartment close to where we used to live before; so pretty much we came back to the neighborhood... It feels as if we had never left.

Now the new challenge is starting our life again. Almost from zero.
I should be used to this by now, considering how many times we have moved in the past, and how many times we have left everything we had behind, but it keeps being hard anyway.

I haven't had time to think about what I want to do with my future. I don't know how much room on it I will have for design; client design I would say. I am lost in this empty space looking around, trying to see some land on the horizon, but so far I was only able to keep afloat shaken by the sea waves. Trying to survive.

Has any of you felt this lost before?

Good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

muchas veces
creo que me he mudado a unas 18 casas...
me gustan mucho tus diseñoa, creo que eres muy muy bueno (por si te ayuda en el "qué hacer ahora".

y no sé, que te leeré más a menudo y que ánimo con la vuelta

5:38 AM  

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