Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back in contact with just a click

There are so many things I love about the web that I am not sure it is worth to enumerate them all. Big number of them are related to my profession of course, others are just small details I've been discovering as I got to use it.

Around ten years ago some of these reasons made me leave my working field at that time; print design, and jump to the web, were I have been an art director for the last nine years.

In love with the new media, the possibilities that it offered me were so tempting I could not resist. I would still do design but now with the possibilities of adding motion, interactivity and sound... the whole package for creating a rich experience.

But what brings me to this posting, are not precisely the professional reasons but other small ones I often take for granted since they have become part of our culture and daily life.

Today I received an email from a friend, Vladimir, a graphic designer that lives in Serbia & Montenegro.

I meet him through the web, as many of my others "e-friends". We both share profession, some hobbies (like love for design) and we both admire each other's work. I cannot remember when was the first time Vlad and I got in contact but just a simple email was the beginning of a friendship. We've never met in person but it does not matter for us; physical appearances don't matter in this world (not that they matter to me in the other one).

Although I lose contact with him quite often (as with many of my others "e-friends") the same number of times I find in my emails inbox a message I rapidly recognize; I don't know any other Vladimir. And as fast as a click, we are chatting about our lives, past adventures and future plans. With a click we get to be friends again.

The inexistency of distance, time and frontiers are the reasons I got to love this medium; the web. And this is why I get to enjoy again Vladimir's excellent work.

So as this posting started, it will end. And soon you will share for a few minutes; if you have the patience to read everything, a bit of my life perhaps feeling some closeness, some contact rubbing for a few seconds - a friendship that may start as this post ends, with just a click.

Cheers Vlad.


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