Saturday, September 24, 2005

Katrina eating cheese.
Taking care of my kids in the morning is a real challenge but the time I can expend with them and the things I learn everyday payoff.
One of the most amazing things I’ve realized is how much I need to learn how to let it go.
Let me explain.
Here I have my little daughter, trying to peel a minicheese. She is learning to use her hands. Since her fingers are still small and have to get use to grab objects, every small action becomes a learning exercise an important practice for her motor-skills development.
On the other side is daddy, looking at his daughter struggling with the cheese at hand. Pulling and pushing, biting, squeezing, everything is permitted as long as it gets you to your goal.

I start getting anxious.

The society of today, the modern and advanced times we are living in are teaching us that everything should be fast. Fast walk, fast food, fast connection, we don’t want to wait and stop to enjoy the moment, so… daddy wants to jump and peel off the damn wrap, take out the cheese and be done with it.

But then I realize I am missing the important part, she is learning and then I relax and enjoy the beautiful sight of my daughter unwrapping a minicheese.

Think about it.


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