Friday, September 09, 2005

My daily miracles

Our day is full of events that passed by unnoticed. I guess it is one of the trades for living in a modern society where our persona is being presented with thousand of stimuly per second.
I got to realize that the price to pay for it is way greater than I bargain for, so whenever possible; mostly when I can get myself to remember (and that is not as often as I whished), I try to be aware of every single thing that is happening in the moment, right now, right here.

This is a basic principle of zen, and meditation among other practice proves to be a way to accomplish it. But out of my 45 minutes of daily sitting alone and in silence, it becomes too easy getting distracted by thoughts of what happened yesterday or plans of a future that may never come, taking my mind for a trip most of the time out of the present.

Life is full of events, good and bad inviting us to be experienced, and some of these are so powerful that we can’t turn our head or close our eyes and go back to sleep.

Every morning when my two kids; Alexander and Katrina wake up I bring them to my bed (the few times they haven’t done it already before I wake up). Resting my head on the pillow watch them play together with that freshness full of energy that only a good night of sleep can give them.

Katrina, two years old, always hugs her older brother whom just turned five. She is a petite blonde angel that wraps her little arms around her beloved sibling and kisses him on the face with one of those smiles that makes everybody melt. Alexander lets her do with the patient of a mother dog with her puppies and hugs her back being already aware of how fragile his little sister is.

While they rest on each other arms for a few seconds, and right before the game of jumping on the bed or hiding under the blankets takes over, I find one of these invitations of life to enjoy the present moment I mentioned before.
It would be impossible to refuse. Not even blind could I missed the magic and beauty of this miracle. Whithout trying to analyze the feeling, or go into reflection that would take me away from that very second, I keep my head on the pillow and live the moment and thank life for giving me not only this two amazing kids but the ability to see the beauty on everything around me.

I can’t hardly think about a better way to wake up to a new day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am prejudiced ofcourse, but I agree those moments are the moments of full living accomplished. You brought tears to my eyes.

11:54 AM  

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