Sunday, October 30, 2005

Are Videobloggers taking a stand?

Watch the video.
I was having a conversation with Fabia; my wife, about how in the 60's there was in America an awakening on the social consciousness of the new generations. How they took stand for what they thought was right and how at that moment they had options and ways to move people and to push the government to listen and change things.
Through rallies, public performances, poets, singers, writers, they counted with so many mediums to reach people, to share and learn from each other.

Now we have the Internet, just a click away we are in contact with the all world. But are we really listening to everybody, or just hearing what we want to hear.

Are we vloggers taking responsibility for the "power" we have in our hands? . Do we want to?

This is just a small part of the conversation we had, I was thinking on maybe posting the all conversation as a pod cast, we'll see.


Anonymous r said...

Hey Luis, great piece. Yes, please post the podcast, I think it would be cool to hear more of the conversation.

One of the things that concerns me about how many use the internet is how like-minded groups form and reinforce their own beliefs, insulating themselves from the larger conversation.

Perhaps is just a phase the internet is going through, though if it's secular trend we need more people aware of the risks.


6:16 PM  
Blogger escorial said...

Thanks Robert,
I will do that. I checked your site. It was awesome, congrats and thanks for the comments.

8:42 PM  
Blogger mrmultiple2 said...

enjoyable audio clip, i 'ld also like to hear the full conversation or more for that matter. I imagine i'll pour a glass of wine and sit back and listen as if I was lounging with you all and I'ld relax and "take in what is being said."

more later~ juan carlos

9:05 PM  
Anonymous bottomunion said...

As with everything, it really depends on the person. Open, closed, or inbetween. Passive, engaging, or a little of both. Ecstatic, depressed...whatever. Television is a passive one-way experience controlled by money, and generally has the effect of turning people into vegetables. Does she really think television is better than the internet?... that passive consumption is more effective than active debate? Do you really think this community preaches cocoon's? There is too much to comment on from that little post...maybe a video reply is in order...

2:36 AM  
Anonymous bottomunion said...

a semi-reply:

Clickthroughs 2

3:15 AM  
Blogger Fabia said...

bottomunion, I totally agree with you, everything depends upon the person. You will always have someone who is open minded, closed minded, and all the wonderful words you put together in your comment. I was simply brain storming with Luis, (having a cup of coffee - letting thoughts come and go so we can progress to other thoughts) and one thought that occurred to me, was that in TV ideas that we might not like are forced upon us, perhaps allowing some people to see something they otherwise would not. In no way do I believe television is better. It was just a thought. In our house, we have no cable TV, just rabbit ears TV and videos/dvds. And we could not imagine life without DSL, or some sort of rapid Internet connection. If I had to make a choice, Internet any day - and for many reasons.

But like all forms of communication, I think it is good to question, question and discover, just another way for allowing growth.

6:27 AM  
Blogger escorial said...

I am glad you mentioned those points. As you can imagine, the piece I posted was just a small part of a longer conversation, and as such most of the time brings more questions that gives answers. But that is the point, right?

As you well said, it all depends on the person. I am sure Fabia didn’t mean Tv is better than internet, since we don’t have TV at home and totally think like you on that matter. Internet is way more open, as you pointed out if only because it gives us the opportunity to open a debate, a dialogue; as we are doing right now, but as with everything, this medium can and it is been misused. My concern is not about internet per se not having the options for opening and dialogue, for a two, three and four way dialogue, but the fact we are using it to reaffirm our own believes instead of trying to find plurality.

I feel we are been raise in a culture were we can have anything we want right now, right here. Under the pretense of making our life easier, everything is about adopting every single thing around us to our own desire. Google, Yahoo, Amazon, have recorded your visits and next time you go for a search they offer you new items that are similar or respond to the profile they have created of you.

Now, it may feel awesome for us to see, what other books or products the people who bought the same book as us are getting, but we run the risk of being “profiled” in such a way that we will be only exposed to ideas, similar only to the ones we already have, not allowing growth.

It may sound a bit silly now, but if you have seen the movie “Minority Report”, if something is worth for me in that movie is when people walking around in the city are being bombarded by advertising directed to them specifically, personalized.

I have learned more things from people who thought different than me, who disagree with me that from people who shared my same principles and ideas, and I think we run the risk of just surrounding ourselves with things that fit our present believes cutting that way a real dialogue. Talking to a person that agrees with you on almost everything, that has your same taste, hobbies, likes and dislikes is great, but not the answer for a plural society, it is almost a monologue.

It is not the medium, but the way we are been taught to use it.
I hope this explains a bit better some of the points we were having on that conversation, and as you see, reading (or listening) to comments from other people can bring us to misinterpretations or not total comprehension of their ideas, and we can choose to do what you did; answer, ask, start a dialogue, but we can choose (as many people will do) to just think: “this guy says TV is better” interpret the comment our own way, and decide we don’t want to hear anymore from that person.

Sorry about the long posting. I hope it clarified a bit my points, doubts and fears.

Thanks for commenting.

By the way love the link you sent :)

7:03 AM  
Anonymous quirk said...

My gut tells me that we need more shades of grey in all the issues we talk about, instead of the black vs. white attitude that is portrayed by corporate media conglomerates like Fox Vs. CNN, or Bill O'Reilly Vs. Bill Maher.

And I've had the same feeling you mentioned about the 60' feels like something is happening, that I can't put my finger on it exactly, but the powerful few are being made gradually less powerful by the newly-voiced many.

People are ready for a change. How, when, who, I don't know.

12:26 PM  

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