Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A short Conversation with Enrique

Watch the movie.
Yesterday I had lunch with my frind Enrique Grullon at a wonderful Asian place. He just came back to the USA after living for three years in Treviso, Italy, wher he worked as a consultant for the interactive department at FABRICA; the communication research center of Benetton Group.

Enrique is an awesome interactive designer and had some ideas to share with us about living over seas and future plans.


Blogger Becca said...

The conversation vlogs you have been doing so far are really insightful. I never knew that filming a conversation with someone could be so interesting. Best wishes for Enrique and his future travels!

BTW, I was curious do you use Quicktime 7 to compress your videos. I'm impressed with how fast and easy it is to view with my computer!

12:13 PM  
Blogger escorial said...

Ey becca,
yes I use QuickTime 7, but I think the difference may be in the place you are "hosting" (uploading) your videos.

I am telling you this because I think my videos are too big in size compare to other I've seen around and I was surprissed when you told me they were downloading pretty fast.

I am extremelly happy with the guys at blip.tv. I will check on a couple of video-groups, ask some questions and let you know if I disscover something else.


I love your posting about the leaves :P

5:34 AM  

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