Wednesday, November 23, 2005

We got a Cat; we call her "blue"

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So, a couple of weeks ago we went to the shelter and got a cat. Ok, I've always been a "dog" kind of guy. And since the time we had to leave our dog "Arnold" in Spain, I was still hurting about having another animal to replace him... But Fabia was insisting so much.

Anyway, we got this 2 years old female called Sheba, from whom we didn't know much. She just looked shy.

The first week she become the "cat from hell". She run and hide in our closet and would hisssssss at us when approached. Pretty much we thought we had an antisocial beast in our household. We were advised to be patient and so we did (it was hard since I love having animals around so I can pet them and touch them and didn't make much of a sense to get one that disappears and just come back to eat and poo.

But for the last week, "blue" (her new name) has turned around. First coming out of the closet, not hissing at us and now she loves jumping on our bed and having a "petting" session from any of us.

We hope with time she will come out of our room and join the rest of the family. I love this cat!.


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