Saturday, January 15, 2005

Capitan América

Nunca me han gustado las despedidas – si es que hay alguien a quien le gusten--. Las despedidas, son demasiado simples y pequeñas para describir realmente la totalidad de la pérdida.

La palabra “adios” como la de “amor”, jamás puede contener los sentimientos de todos los momentos pasados con las personas a las que dejas y la importancia de la pérdida, en lugar de asestarte un único y golpe final, se irá allargando y depositandose en el corazón a como gotas cayendo de un grifo que no se puede cerrar.

No sé cuando ni como, en Masmadera (la compañía en la que trabajábamos) descubrimos el truco de desdoblarnos.
Cuando las puertas de la oficina se cerraban y como el mismo Houdini convertidos en escapistas deslizándonos fuera de nuestra piel de trabajador, nos convertíamos en amigos. Olvidábamos cualquier fricción que hubiésemos podido tener en la oficina (fricciones que cuando se trabaja enun grupo tan reducido como el nuestro, más de ocho horas diarias, cinco días a la semana son por otra parte inevitables) y aparecía ese lazo de unión.

Me cuesta creer que encontraré en el futuro un grupo de personas tan especiales y aún menos trabajando juntas. Después de diez años de vivir en un pais ajeno, sé muy bien lo importante que es tener una genuina conexión con las personas con las que trabajas.

Yo por suerte y aunque solo por un año he gozado de esto. Por eso ayer, mientras nos despedíamos en un bar de Fuencarral, por primera vez en mi vida deseé con todas mis fuerzas, que ese adios significase verdaderamente “HASTA SIEMPRE”.

Ahora tengo al Capitán América como testigo de ello.

Un abrazo a Jose, Pou y Javier, y un besazo a Ana, Lorena, Begoña Zuloaga, Begoña Múgica, Bárbara, Raquel y Virginia, con especial suerte a las futuras mamas. Y gracias a Jose María por todo.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another one bites the dust

Today has been one of those days that seem to drag forever.
Besides the daily doses of packing, and home related matters --yes I helped my wife to vacuum my kid's room, and made lunch-- the hours stretched while waiting for something interesting to happen.

It is not as if I was expecting to receive some news about those millions I won playing lotto (mostly because I never play), but certainly I needed something to fill up that emptiness I was carrying all day long.

I ran out of books to read, we packed all my comics and surfing on the net,.. well it just didn’t do it. Forget about TV; not being a fan of it in general I have to tell you, the programs in Spain are awful.

So at the end of the day and looking at the calendar I only can say: ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST.

Good night

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The race seems to have started. Today was time to pack most of my computer stuff. I have to say "see you later" to my flat screen, and my old good friend G3 (grape color).
Even though I still have my powerbook; which I will be carrying with me during the trip, saying goodbye to my computer is a clear proof that I am definitely moving.

My desk and all the things that live within it are what I call my altar. Pens and papers, my Spawn-figures' collection, Frank Miller's "MARV" sitting on his electric chair chuckling: "It's that all you can get, you pansies?" while shakes with a new electric shock I deliver him. {by the way do not miss the new movie from Robert Rodriguez: SIN CITY, based on the comics collection from Frank Miller/. All those useless nick nacs that seemed to appear magically from nowhere and that I start collecting.

I have to confess how hard it has been to be a Mac user in Spain, or maybe I just got to work with some people too defensive of their PCs. It seems the use of Apple is not as extended in Spain as it is in USA. If graphic designers for print seem to be the ones carrying the flag, the world of the design on line it's been majorly dominated by PC users.
So I had to get used not only to hear continuous crap about how bad is Mac compare to PC, but to work with windows XP.

I've always been a Mac user. I love these babes, it is not rational anymore, it is something visceral. I am not close to be an expert, not even a good knowledgeable man in the world of personal computers to been able to give scientific comparisons or reasons to justify why I love so much my Apple. But again, who needs to find a reason to justify why they love their girlfriends, or wives or pets; whatever you love.
Ey, ey, ey, of course I am not comparing the love I have to my wife to what I feel for my computer, I am just trying to prove my point.

Anyway, finding Apple support in Spain has been a pain in the neck, so I am glad I will have a couple of Apple-stores close by and I will be able to enjoy my weekly visits to my favorite store, to drool over the new design of the coming G5 and know for a few minutes I am not alone in this crazy feeling some people call APPLE-LOVE.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Welcome to my blog

Here I am again; or better to say, here I am for the first time, considering I've never used a blog before.
The idea of this blog is to keep someway a diary or a follow up documentary of my trip back to California.
For those of you who don't know my recent history, I've been living in sunny California for the last 10 years. Last winter we decided to move back to Spain; where I have my familly, and try to make it here, but it just didn't work.
So we are going back to Cali.

Everybody asked me about reasons. Mostly my parents; whom i have hurted with this decission. But it is difficult to explain to other people, when they are not living your life, when they are not inside your head. When the culture and the way we conceive life is so different.

I know my life needs a turn. I wouldn't say a 180, but definetly 90 degrees. I have to rethink what I want from life, what part on this takes my family and what part my work. So many questions unanswer, such a hard road to walk, again...

Where should I start?

Have a good night guys.