Friday, October 14, 2005

Where Did Your Dreams go?

Did you leave them behind.
It is not a coincidence my web site and my blog are called "One Thousand Dreams".
You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.
As Marianne Faithful says in the song for the movie "La Cité des Enfants Perdu" (The City of Lost Childrens):
I can give you all my dreams,
all the life I lived.
You and I know what frienship means,
it's all we got to give.
Who will take your dreams away,
takes your soul another day.
What can never be lost,
it's gone
stolen and away.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why Do I Videoblog?

For those of you who may have problems understanding my strong accent, you can read the post here:

I guess in the life of any vloger there is a moment where we all ask orselves "why we blog?".

What makes us take a camera and record the most various and picturesque moments of life?. From artistic shoots to newscast, from daily life events to the most intimate thoughts.

I’ve expend a good time trying to figured out why I do it. What desire or unconscious reason lays behind all of it. I am an artist, or that’s what my wife tells me. I am not sure how an artist is supposed to feel thought, the truth is that I feel like I have to tell things. No matter what or how I just have this embedded desire to communicate all kind of ideas that are born in my mind.
I remember when in my first job as a creative designer in an advertising company in Spain, the creative director told me: “Luis, you are a story-teller”.
I didn’t know how to take it at that time. I wasn’t even sure if he was close to the truth, but my professional path has taken me in a way where I can express those stories living inside of me, so in some way I am a storyteller.

Working as a print designer first and as a web designer for the last 9 years I had plenty of time to develop and experiment on the matter. I created One Thousand Dreams; my website, and it has served as my medium to express from random thoughts to my most intimate feelings. As an art director I always fought with my concept of creating websites as experiences instead of just a bunch of cyber-pages full of content more or less amusing.

That has brought me some problems, discussions with clients, ups and downs and a lot of nights debating with myself if I should keep doing design or just quit altogether.
In any case I haven’t found yet the answer and if I ever do I wonder if due to my personality I’ll be able to recognize it or admit it.

After using pen and paper, a computer and a mouse, oils, acrylics, color pencils, HTML, Photoshop, Flash and every single software I could put my hands on it was just a question of time until I decided to pick up a camera. I don’t want to go into discussion about what medium is better since I am of the firm conviction any one is good if you know how to use it… and even if you don’t, but let’s be honest, in my case moving pictures with sound and voice gets quite attractive when you think about telling stories.
And, that’s how I got hooked up in my new adventure with “video blogging”.

The HOW and WHY takes shape with this reasoning, but this shape is just a ghost in the fog with its blurred outline. So open to guessing and imagination

Exhibitionism, egomania, artistic thirst, just simple fun or more accurate a bit of everything. It doesn’t matter the reason anyway, and considering that looking for this makes me too aware of what I am trying to say, increases my anxiety about pleasing others, raises doubts about the usefulness of my work and finally kills my creative process, I rather leave that shape as a blurred ghostly presence.

So after all the debate and this long posting I guess I should just do it, not asking why or how but enjoying the process and the feeling it gives me to click the button that says “Publish Post”.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Talking About Comics :: Vol.4 :: 100 Bullets

Volume 4, 100 Bullets. Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.
Last volume for this series, Azzarello & Risso seem to know well the underground corridors of urban life.
With an excellent dialogue, tough and street, 100 bullets presents images that are simple, economic with a wondelfull panel narrative.

These two artist have worked together on other collections as "Batman, Broken City" and "Jonny Double".