Saturday, October 29, 2005

Featured vlogs

Ey, some of my vlogs were featured in Steve Garfield's Video Blog "Vlog Soup". It was kind of funny to see some of my postings there. And I got a laugh out of my accent at the closing scene.

Thanks Steve.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Squared Media

Squared Media
Watch the movie. (part1)

"I am always trying to do what I can not do yet, in order to learn how to do it"...
Ok, I didn't say this. It is a quote from Vincent Van Gogh, but in any case I totally feel identified.

We "vloggers" are not media professionals (at least I am not), we are just learning the tools, the language, the do's and dont's, the rules... So I am continuously looking for new ways to brake them, to play with them.

This movie is meant to be seen on a page with grey background (the one that usually pops up when you click on the link for a movie... (the standard, if you know what I mean). Soooo it should work if you just click the link on top.

I have a second part that I will be posting soon... I have other things to do besides posting "friggin" videos. One has to eat you know....


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Life in the Sea II

Life in the Sea
Watch the video.
As I promised here it is the second video from my visit to Long Beach Aquarium. The creatures may not be as colorful and fancy as the once before but still have their own beauty.

While at the Aquarium, I talked to some of the people who take care of the animals, about the richness of the sea and how we are destroying it. So I made an effort to point that out in the video.

If you pass by Long Beach, don't forget to visit them, they have a wonderful exhibit called "Whales; a journey with giants".

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Beauty Underwater

Giant Octopus
Watch the movie.
There are so many beauty around us. Nature is a fountain for inspiration. Sit down for a moment, relax and let the world around you to talk, to tell you all that has to offer.

This morning I went to Long Beach Aquarium and got some footage. The light is not perfect; so much of the color is missed, but still one can grasp the wonders living under the sea. Incredible creatures that seem to come out of a Sci-Fi movie and be the inspiration for some of the most famous monster on the big screen. Their textures, their movements.
Let the underwater inspire you.